Flurmonz Maine Coons

Cambridge NZ


My name is Judy Formby, I have recently returned to breeding cats after 25 years. I chose the Maine Coon breed because of their unique persona. If you want something a little different then the Maine Coon could well fit the bill. Click to see a little of the history and characteristics of the Maine Coon cat.

I work a full time, six day a week, job in Cambridge, New Zealand. To add to the mix we also breed exotic parrots; Eclectics, African Greys, Galahs, Amazons and Major Mitchells, for the pet and breeding market.

Finally for those in the patchwork arena, I quilt together those lovingly pieced quilts with my Statler / Gemmel computerised quilting machine.

I plan to stay busy in my retirement years.

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